Iowa Blind and Visually Impaired Children’s Support Group Family Fair Event (September 15th 2018)

Who? You and your family and anyone else you know that may be interested

What? Gathering of children and families dealing with visual impairment and other special needs.

Where? Brook & Kashia Nolin House / Clay County Fair – Spencer Iowa

When? Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Why? To share ideas, share stories and give support.

The plan for Saturday, Sept. 15th 

I thought it would be nice if we met around 10:30 in the morning at our house. I know this is a little early for some of you to get up and drive over here – but the fair can sometimes get really hot – it is always a little nicer to go mid-morning. From our house we will go to the fair. Lunch will be at the fair and on your own. We will have an early dinner around 5 o’clock at the Nolin house. Also if you would like to invite grandparents or any other family members that would be great. We have lots to do at our house to keep little kids and big kids entertained.

If the weather is nice – we may have a game of beep kickball.

We are having our gathering at the NEW Grandpa’s Barn at the Clay County Fair. Grandpa’s Barn is An educational building that has small farm animals. We will have a special time on Saturday afternoon at 1 PM. in which our group will have special access to touch, feel and listen to the animals.

For more information please email Brook or Kashia Nolin: