Family Story Time (DEADLINE August 13th)

Hello Families!

The Southeast DeafBlind Projects are excited to bring Family Story Time into your house! You may be wondering… what is Family Story Time and why would we want to join? 10 southeast DeafBlind Projects have come together to create a FAMILY ONLY on-line space to have fun!

Goals for Family Story Time

Expand the word “Literacy” The word literacy can mean different things to people. Often time we think of literacy as books. How do we bring books/stories to life for our children
Build confidence and support for home Support families to create that fun reading time with their child.
Meet other families 10 different states….lots of great families to meet!
Build home libraries Make an accessible, fun library for your home!
HAVE FUN! Join Family Time with your child, siblings, grandparents, and friends!

What do I need to Know

When? Thursdays, August 27th – October 15th, 2020 4 pm EST

The first session will be for parents to meet Gwyn and she’ll share what to expect during the 7 storytime sessions

Where? Plans are to have a PRIVATE Facebook page to stream storytime, we will ask parents at registration.
Who can join? Any family who has a child of any age on their state’s DeafBlind Project.
Who will lead storytime? Gwyn McCormack is a teacher for the visually impaired from the united kingdom. She shares numerous free materials and resources on her site:

She created the Idea Machine for families to come together during Covid-19

What Story? Storytime will follow the book, “Marvin’s American Adventure”. Gwyn will send the download for all families to print for FREE.
Cost? FREE
How do I join? Register at the link for all 8 sessions: Click here to register

Registration closes end of day August 13th.

What to expect? Your child will receive a sparkly box full of materials for participating in Story Time and Creating arts and crafts to follow the story.
Questions? Contact your DeafBlind Project.