Field Test of 4to24: App for Parents of DB Youth to Focus on Employment

 Are you the parent Of a child who is deaf-blind or has combined visual and hearing impairment, ages 4 to 24?

If so, we (The NRTC on Blindness & Low Vision at Mississippi State University) could truly use your help with field testing our new app, “4t024” designed for families.

You’ll be influential in supporting families of children and young adults similar to yours across the nation in fostering independence and building skills for the future, including employment.

The “4t024” app is designed specifically for parents or caretakers of children and youth between the ages of 4 — 24 years old who are deaf-blind or have combined visual and hearing impairment, to help focus on building skills for communication, independent living, and preparing for employment starting from an early age.

The app will send modules of information about different topic areas such as communication methods, self- determination, independent living skills, and social skills. Parents will receive a new module about once a month, based on the youth’s age. Modules will include a list of suggested activities that parents can do with their child to build skills related to each topic and will offer suggestions to modify activities for different ability levels.

Field-test details

To test our app, we are seeking parents of children or youth who:

  • are deaf-blind or have combined visual and hearing impairment,
  • are between the ages 4 to 24, and
  • may have additional cognitive, developmental, or learning disabilities.

The field test will involve creating an account in the app, using the app features for six months, and completing a series of surveys. Surveys will ask questions about the parent’s expectations and preparing for the future, including independent living and employment options for youth.

Most importantly, as a parent participant, you can also let us know how the app fits your needs, and how we can improve it.

We will ask you to use the app as you normally would and to complete surveys related to our study before, during, and after the 6-month trial period. The surveys should take between 10 to 30 minutes each, for a total of about 1.5 hours on surveys. Participants who complete the final survey of the study will receive a thank-you gift card for $35.

If you’re interested in becoming a field tester for the app and participating in our study, please fill out the information form at this link:

For assistance or more information: Contact Anne Steverson ( or Karla Antonelli (