Ideas for Helping Students with Multiple Disabilities Including Deafblindness Wear Masks and Face Coverings.

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  • Create an experience book about wearing a mask.
  •  Practice wearing the mask for short amounts of time.
  • Participate in highly preferred activities while wearing a mask.
  • Create a mask routine in the morning, after a transition or both.
  • Incorporate a mask into an already established routine.
  • Include the mask in the student/child’s calendar system.
  • If using pictures of staff/others in a calendar system- add pictures of them in masks.
  • Incorporate highly preferred textures into the mask.
  • Allow the student/child to decorate/ make their own mask.
  • Allow the student/child to choose their own mask.
  • Staff working with students should wear similar masks each day to help with
  • Face shields or masks with clear windows for lip reading and facial expressions.
  • Build in mask breaks with reward/choice time.
  • Try different types of masks: ties, elastic, etc.
  • Allow the student/child time to explore the mask without wearing it.