Looking for Leaders!

The Iowa Developmental Disability Council (The DD Council) has two opportunities for parents and/or emerging or experienced self-advocates.

– The DD Council is currently recruiting individuals to join the council. They specifically need family members – this could be a parent, sibling or other family members. They also have openings for self-advocates. Any expenses involved to participate can be reimbursed. Detailed information can be found at this link – https://iowaddcouncil.org/about/application/.

– They also have conference sponsorships available to assist with expenses to attend a conference (even if the event is not hosted by the Iowa DD Council.) Additional information can be found at this –https://iowaddcouncil.org/documents/news/53.pdf.

The DD Council also provides a great newsletter, “InfoNet”. It focuses on disability policy issues. If you are interested, sign up for the newsletter here – http://www.infonetiowa.org/.