2022-2023 Offerings!

Iowa Deafblind Project 2022-2023 Offerings! 

The Deafblind Project has many different options for professionals seeking support. Review the different options to find something that fits your needs. 

Technical Assistance – Technical Assistance is the formal process in which a team can request help and support from the Iowa deafblind project. This process can include site visits and ongoing training and meetings with teams. This is a process that includes setting team outcomes and setting action steps.  Technical Assistance is requested through an online form.

Power Hour Zoom Session – These 1-hour Zoom sessions are offered several times during the school year. Participants are provided resources on a topic and Iowa Deafblind Project staff facilitates a discussion around the topic. 

2022-2023 Topics and Dates:

All Sessions take place from 4-5pm. 

October 12th: Usher Syndrome

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October 27: Cortical Vision Impairment

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January 12: Progressive Vision and Hearing Loss

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March 23: Deafblind Education Resources

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May 18: Tactile and Coactive Sign Language 

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Chat with the DTAT – The Deafblind Technical Assistance Team offers a Zoom meeting each month. Individual teams may sign up for one of the dates and have private access to the DTAT team. These meetings are meant for problem solving and resource sharing with teams. To participate, multiple members of a students team should attend and the parent is encouraged to attend. 

2022-2023 Chat Dates:

All sessions take place from 3:30-430pm

September 13th

October 25th

November 15th

December 13th

January 10th

February 14th

March 21th

April 11th

May 9th

Click here to sign up for Chat with the DTAT.  Only one team is allowed per date. 

Open Hands Open Access Modules (OHOA)The National Center for Deafblindness has created a set of free learning modules for working with students who are deafblind. We have taken the modules and created three AEA online courses. Professionals may work through the free modules or register for the courses to earn credit. Please follow our Facebook page, website, and watch for emails on information about OHOA. Click here for information on the fall course!. 

Conferences – The Deafblind Project will offer, at least once a year, a conference specific to teaching students who are deafblind. The Iowa Deafblind Project Symposium is usually held in June. Stay tuned!