Requesting Technical Assistance is done through this link: Technical Assistance Request Form

The goal of technical assistance is to provide support to teams and families to lead to better outcomes for children. We accomplish this by increasing and supporting the skills and knowledge of service providers and families of students with deafblindness. The Deafblind Technical Assistance Team (DTAT) uses an individualized approach to coaching and consultation with the team. This individualized approach can include classroom observations, professional development, on-site coaching, video conferencing, and providing additional resources.  This is offered at no charge to IEP teams and families.

I’ve requested technical assistance. What happens now? 

A professional from the Iowa Deafblind Project will reach out to you and the other members of the child’s team. At this time, the child’s team will be asked to set a meeting date with the DTAT and to send documentation about the student such as completed assessments, medical information, and educational plans. Finally, the DTAT will meet with the child’s team for a planning meeting to set outcomes for technical assistance and determine the intensity level of services needed. Technical Assistance can be short-term and targets a specific concern or it can be long-term and intensive. The DTAT will work with the team to determine which is best.