How do I become an intervener?

Currently, the state of Iowa does not offer intervenor certification. Individuals are encouraged to explore intervenor coursework that is offered at the national level. Information can be found at Information may also be found on the National Center on Deaf-Blindness website.

The Iowa Deafblind Project is dedicated to providing training to individuals who work with children who are Deafblind.  The Project will provide financial assistance to those individuals who want to complete courses on Deafblindness that are offered in the state of Iowa.

The National Center on Deaf-Blindness has developed a series of training modules, Open Hands Open Access,  for people interested in learning more about interveners and/or deafblindness. These modules are free and are available for anyone to access online. You can find these modules here.

The Project offers an Introduction to Deafblindness course utilizing the Open Hands Open Access modules. This course is offered via the statewide online professional development system. The first course is being offered during the fall of 2017. For information, please contact Susan Brennan at